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  • jamaica

    Going easy on Kingston, Jamaica

    How do you feel if you walk the streets where Bob Marley once walked? If you fancy Rastafarian stuff, or if that is among the things that make you tick …

  • airportparking

    The cheat’s guide to making travel fun

    Why do we stress ourselves out before we go on holiday? Why do we stand looking bereft at our suitcase, freaking out because we can’t take half of what …

  • rome

    What’s to do around Florence & Tuscany

    Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance. Who wouldn’t want to visit the beautiful, historic capital of Tuscany?! For most first time travellers to Italy, Florence is up there with …

  • woolcombe

    A Trip Down Memory Lane

    If the onslaught of holiday adverts and ‘dream’ destinations are leaving you a little less than inspired at the moment – or even if you’re lucky enough to have already …

  • European

    Must-know transport websites for any European budget traveler

    If you had a million dollars/euros/etc., what would you do with it? If you’re like me, the answer is travel to every corner of the globe until …

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